Splinter Live In England 1974 - 1977

The first official live album by the band

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This album has been assembled from performances while touring England during those three years 1974 - 1977. The recordings have been assembled by Nigel Pearce and Bobby Purvis.

All vocals - Billy Elliott and Bobby Purvis

12 String Guitar - Bobby Purvis Harmonica/ Kazoo - Billy Elliott

Track Listing

  1. The Place I Love
  2. Lonely Man, (Another Chance I Let Go) 3 White Shoe Weather
  3. Costafine Town 5 Silver
  4. Split Crow Road
  5. What Is It?
  6. China light
  7. Halfway There 10, Sixty Miles Too Far
  8. Berkeley House Hotel
  9. Drink All Day
  10. Somebody's City
  11. Love Is Not Enough