Paice, Ashton and Lord - Life Span Documentary


Paice, Ashton & Lord was a short-lived British rock band featuring Deep Purple band members Ian Paice and Jon Lord with singer Tony Ashton. The band was formed in 1976, released its only album in 1977 and broke up in 1978. The band recorded their debut album Malice in Wonderland at Musicland Studios in Munich in September and October 1976. The record was released in February 1977. The music included elements of rhythm and blues, funk and soul, with several tracks featuring a brass section and backing vocals from Sheila and Jeanette McKinley.Despite some critical appreciation, the album was not a great commercial success. A second album was planned but was not released. This documentary gives a precious glimpse into the process behind this remarkable band.

Ghost Story On The Road Again, Again Silas and Jerome Arabella (Oh Tell Me) The Ballad of Mr Giver I’m Gonna Stop Drinkin’ Steam Roller Blues Remember The Good Times Malice in Wonderland Sneaky Private Lee