Michael Bruce - Live and Rare


Michael Bruce was the guitarist and keyboard player with the legendary Alice Cooper band, back when 'Alice' was actually a bloke called 'Vince'. Michael often composed music and lyrics for songs; the lyrics might then be reworked by Furnier. Two examples of this process are "Halo of Flies" and "No More Mr. Nice Guy". There are several Bruce-only credited songs including "Caught In A Dream" and "Long Way To Go" from Love It To Death, and "Be My Lover" from Killer. Bruce also sang lead vocals on the majority of "Sing Low, Sweet Cheerio" on the group's first album Pretties For You and all of "Below Your Means" and "Beautiful Flyaway" on their second album Easy Action.

Following the demise of the Alice Cooper Group, together with other former members he formed a band called Billion Dollar Babies, and went on to have a stellar solo career. This record does exactly what it says on the tin, collecting together live and rare recordings which will delight the listener.

Under My Wheels | No More Mr Nice Guy | I’m Eighteen | Desperado | My Stars | Left for Dead Meat | I Miss You | Billion Dollar Babies | School’s Out | Muscle of Love (Alice Demo) | Forever 18 | Too Young | On My Love | Gina | Do You Want to Know