Dave Bainbridge - The Remembering


An evocative and atmospheric first collection of solo piano improvisations: "Bainbridge's style is contemporary, yet imbued with the dynamic spirit of Ravel and Debussy, with a thrilling dash of Bill Evans... an album that's pure class from first note to last" (Prog Magazine).

"Ever since studying music, art and art history as teenager I've been fascinated by the French Impressionist movement, both in art and music. The idea of capturing a fleeting scene, a brief moment in time, or a feeling evoked by a place or a person, has resonated with me throughout my musical life. Most people can link powerful memories to a certain piece of music, a picture, an aroma. Even when my mam was unable to remember words or people's names as Alzheimer's took hold, she was still able to remember how to play tunes on her accordion. In a sense, all the pieces on this album are impressions, a brief moment in time interpreted through the medium of music." Dave Bainbridge - December 2015


Collendorn Suite Part 1
Collendorn Suite Part 2
Collendorn Suite Part 3
Collendorn Suite Part 4
Collendorn Suite Part 5 (Song For Jack)
Collendorn Suite Part 6
The Remembering
Song For Bill
Like A World, Behind The Song
A View Of The Islands
A Prayer For Beachy Head