Aviator - Aviator

Special Japanese Import Version


AVIATOR was founded in 1978 by Jack Lancaster and Mick Rogers with the co-pilots Clive Bunker and John G. Perry. All four musicians already had an impressive background in different bands. Jack Lancaster had played with: BLODWYN PIG, the MICK ABRAHAMS BAND and the SOUL SEARCHERS, Mick Rogers with: MANFRED MANN'S EARTHBAND, Clive Bunker with: JETHRO TULL, BLODWYN PIG and STEVE HILLAGE, John G. Perry with: CARAVAN and QUANTUM JUMP. They played a mixture of straightforward Rock songs alternating with instrumental Jazz-Rock passages reminiscing COLOSSEUM and BLODWYN PIG, Jack Lancaster gave the band a typical sound with the lyricon and soprano saxophone. In early 1979 AVIATOR released their first record named "Aviator" co-produced by the band and Robin Lumley from BRAND-X. All tracks were co-signed by the band. The tracks are all different ranging from straightforward Rock to Jazz-Rock and Pop. They went then on a European Tour as a support act for Steve HILLAGE and in the summer of 1979 they did some festivals and venues in Germany, where they did also a public broadcast for the famous WDR radio in Cologne. The tape of the show proves what an excellent live band they had been. On stage they showed their talent, especially in the longer instrumental passages.

Track Listing:

Your Loving Is My Home | Keep Your Heart Right | Evil Eye | Time Traveller | Silver Needles | Cleveland Ohio | Country Morning | Greed | Morning Journey