Fly Boys (Original Motion Picture Score) - hand signed by Trevor

Sold Out

Composer/rock star Trevor Rabin (Yes' 90125, National Treasure, Remember the Titans) injects director Tony Bill's World War I adventure Flyboys with almost lethal doses of American heartland sentimentality and traditional military motifs.

Much like his work on the previous year's The Great Raid, Rabin sketches quickly and confidently -- "Training Montage," "Battle Hymn," and "Briefing Room" all sound exactly like the imagery their titles evoke -- hitting all of the obvious notes with confidence and style.

Track listing

Main Title (5:28) Training Montage (3:41) Cassidy Funeral (6:16) We're Out of Gas (:24) The Last Battle (3:09) Dogfight (5:36) Rawlings and Luciane Fly (2:32) Rawlings and Luciane (3:32) The Planes Arrive (1:53) ID The Planes (:49) The Cuffs are Off (:46) Have to Get Luciane (1:17) Heroes (4:31) Battle Hymn (1:47) Black Falcon (4:12) Briefing Room (2:12)