Enemy Of The State. (Original Motion Picture Score) - signed by Trevor


Hand signed by Trevor.

This Will Smith vehicle/political paranoia potboiler was the last film credited to the blockbuster producing team of Simpson-Bruckheimer (Top Gun, Flashdance, Beverly Hills Cop, The Rock, ad profitum; Don Simpson died of a drug overdose in 1996) and features another big, brash, largely synthesized swashbuckler of a score by the Armageddon team of former Yes guitarist Trevor Rabin and musician-composer Harry Gregson-Williams. But then how could it be otherwise when one's music has to share the soundtrack with copious gunshots, explosions, screeching tires, and the sound of costar Gene Hackman gleefully gnashing at the scenery? There are enough '90s techno influences to ensure that it sounds contemporary, and adequate string interludes to keep the cap on the Advil. --Jerry McCulley

Track listing

1 Main Title 2:00 2 Enemy Of The State (Main Theme) 2:55 3 Brill's Theme 3:28 4 The Ferry 1:16 5 Hotel Chase Part 2 3:45 6 Zavitz Chase Part 1 2:02 7 NSA Research 2:35 8 Brill And Dean Meet 4:13 9 Free Ferry 0:37 10 Nanny Drive 1:32 11 Final Confrontation 8:43 12 Coal Yard Part 1 3:42 13 Face To Face 3:09 14 The Tunnel Part 1 1:57 15 Coal Yard Part 2 4:53 16 Rachel's Found Dead 5:18 17 Wish You Were Here 1:59