Once, At A Border - Music from Tony Palmers film about Stravinsky

Stravinsky 2CD

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CD 1 Duration: 55 mins

1: Otche Nash/Отче Наш (The Lord’s Prayer) 2: Petrushka: The Shrovetide Fair 3: Petrushka: The Shrovetide Fair/Evening 4: The Firebird’s Dance 5: King Kachtchei’s Infernal Dance 6: Suite No 1, 1st mve. 7: Jean Cocteau introduces Oedipus Rex Creon’s Entrance: soloist: John Shirley-Quirk
8: Ragtime 9: Parasha’s Aria/"Девичья песня" from Mavra soloist: Makavala Kasrashvili 10: Circus Polka 11: Violin Concerto/Aria II & Coda soloist: Kyung-Wha Chung Daughter Milène speaks about the death of her sister and her mother. Stravinsky speaks: “Music can express nothing....” 12: Symphony of Psalms: 3rd mve. “Laudate”
13: Stravinsky speaks about music having rules..... 14: The Rite of Spring: The Sacrificial Dance of the Maiden

CD 2 Duration: 48 mins

1: The Rake’s Progress: Prelude 2: The Rakes’ Progress: “The Lullaby” soloist: Felicity Lott
Vera Stravinsky talks about meeting Igor 3: Les Noces: Tableau One/four pianos version Stravinsky talks about his original idea for Les Noces Les Noces: Tableau Two/original orchestration soloists: Felicity Palmer, Sarah Walker, Peter Hall, Stafford Dean 4: The Mass: “Gloria” 5: Symphony in Three Movements: 1st mve. Son Soulima speaks 6: Introitus 7: Pulcinella: Minuet & Finale Balanchine speaks about working with Diaghilev 8: Canticum Sacrum: “Euntes in mundum”
9: Daughter Milène talks about her father religion Requiem Canticles: “Dies Irae”
10: Stravinsky talks about being a ‘serial’ compose Abraham and Isaac /”And Abraham took the wood...” soloist: John Shirley-Quirk 11: The Fairy’s Kiss: Epilogue “In the land of Eternity” 12: Requiem Canticles: Postlude 13: Robert Craft speaks about why Stravinsky? 14: The Firebird: scene XIV, General Rejoicing

Record produced by RICHARD WHITTAKER Executive Producer: Robin Ayling, Gonzo Multi-Media