Bad News "F**k Off Bad News!" 2CD


Double CD: Bad News – Bootleg + Extras

CD1 – Bootleg: Bad Dreams A.G.M Double Entendre Locked In Aids 'O' Levels Wedding Heavy Metal Farmer Masturbike Cashing in On Christmas (Dub) Live at Castle Donnington Monsters of Rock, 1986: Intro Banter for the Boyz Drink Till I Die Vampire Spunk Merchants From Hell Bitch Hell Mother Masterbike Warriors of Ghengis Khan Bad News

CD2 – Live at Hammersmith Odeon, 1986 Intro – The Bad News Pledge The Rock n' Roll Creations Bad News Drink 'Till I Die Bohemian Rhapsody Vampire Spunk Merchants from Hell We Are Bad News Hey, Mr Bassman Bitch of Love Warriors of Ghengis Khan My Generation Cashing in on Christmas Twist and Shout Hey, Hey Bad News Mama Weer All Crazy now