Bad News - Almost Rare


DELUXE VINYL EDITION!!! Fictional heavy metal band Bad News' previously unreleased recordings!!! Featuring the band’s infamous live set from the Monsters Of Rock Festival, Castle Donington in 1986. It was subsequently used in the Comic Strip’s “More Bad News” film. The band was originally created for the massivley popular Channel 4 comedy series "Comic strip presents...". The all star line up of comedy legends featured the late Rik Mayall, Ade Edmondson, Nigel Planer and Peter Richardson who also directed the show.

SIDE A 1.Excaliber
2.Double Entendre
3.Pretty Woman 4.Life With Brian
5.Bad Dream

SIDE B 6.Intro
7.Banter For The Boyz
8.Drink Till I Die
9.Vampire Spunk Merchants From Hell
10.Bitch Hell Mother
11.Masturbike 12.Warriors of Gengis Khan 13.Bad News