1984 - Japanese import, complete with obi - signed by Rick Wakeman


Rick remembers, "The wrong album at the wrong time, with all the wrong people around at the time. To do an orchestral rock concept album at a musical time when I probably couldn't even have got a job as a piano tuner was nigh on suicidal. I formed the wrong band, (the worst I have ever had), the deal for the stage show fell through and all in all I listen back to the music with my head in my hands. True there are some good moments, but my personal life was such a mess at the time that I should have run away rather than run into the studio!"


1 Overture
2 Julia
3 The Hymn
4 The Room (Brainwash)
5 Robot Man
6 Sorry
7 No Name
8 Forgotten Memories
9 The Proles
10 1984

6 available