Iona: The Book Of Kells + Unreleased Companion disc (2CD Set)

This product is on pre-order and will be released Apr 15

"... 72 minutes of stunning music, quite unlike anything else you're likely to hear anytime soon." CCM Magazine, October 1992

"Book of Kells touches something elemental, resonating as few albums can. Allow it to touch you as well." CCM Magazine (USA), November 1992

"Finally, the most evocative release of all ... Iona's ethereal 'Book of Kells' ... unbelievable." Billboard (USA), December 1992

Disc 1.

Track list:

Kells Opening Theme Revelation
Matthew - The Man
Chi-Rho Mark - The Lion The River Flows Luke - The Calf Virgin And Child
The Arrest - Gethsemane Trinity - The Godhead
John - The Eagle
Eternity - No Beginning, No End

Disc 2.

Track listing to be confirmed