Iona: Another Realm 2CD

This product is on pre-order and will be released Apr 15

Almost 5 years after the release of IONA's last studio album 'The Circling Hour', the band's latest opus 'Another Realm' is now available. Over a year in the making, this is the band's first double CD studio album, with over 95 minutes of brand new, original music! The band has expressed that in some ways this album is like a new beginning and a renewing of that original vision which first inspired the formation of IONA. With some incredible new songs, both epic and intimate instrumental sections, stunning vocals from a newly impassioned Joanne Hogg, and introducing new band member Martin Nolan on pipes and whistles, 'Another Realm' will take you on a journey that will deeply touch and inspire.


Disc: 1

  1. As It Was
  2. The Ancient Wells
  3. Another Realm
  4. Clouds
  5. An Atmosphere of Miracles: When We See Beyond/Intimacy/An Atmosphere of
  6. Let Your Glory Fall

Disc: 2

  1. Ruach
  2. Speak to Me
  3. And the Angels Dance
  4. Foreign Soil
  5. Let the Waters Flow
  6. Saviour
  7. The Fearless Ones
  8. White Horse
  9. As It Shall Be