Gerry Beckley - Van Go Gan/Go Man Go - Deluxe 2 disc edition


These two albums which were first released in 1995 and 2000 are full of fine examples of Beckley's lovingly crafted and laid back ouvre, and we cannot recommend it highly enough for people who have ever wanted to take a trip through the desert on an unnamed horse.

Tracklisting: Disc One: Emma | Van Go Gan | House of Cards | Sunrise Sunset | Goodbye Highway | One Day’s Duning | Only A Kid at Heart | Playing God | International | What Happened? | I Need You | Now Sue | Kiss of Life | Hard to Sleep Disc Two: Van Go Gan (In Arles We Can All Breathe) | Goodbye Highway (the Sporty Remix) | In Need You (’72 Vintage Reissue) | House of Cards (The Parsons Mix) | Van Go Gan (Oil and Water Mix) | What Happened? (And Then What Happened?) | Now Sue (What It Ain’t And Is) | Location, Location, Location (Hollywood Hills W/Vu) | Sunrise Sunset (Coming Home) | Gliss (Just Gliss) | Kiss of Life (98% Sure Remix) | Hard to Sleep (Insomnia Variations) | Van Go Gan (Ravi McTaggart Fife & Drum Corps Mix) | Daisy & Di (The Bells of Afriston)