The RAZ Band - Madison Park


The R​AZ Band have been toiling in the rock and roll vineyard for longer than you might think. Dedicated to the coolest place to ever grow up, the new release of 'Madison Park' will bring them the recognition they deserve. Band leader Michael Raz Rescigno says: “I'm excited to get our newest album 'Madison Park' out. It's a​ diverse​ collection of music from the last few years of our lives. With the tremendous production of band​ members Joey Molland and Joe Vitale, we ​​are looking forward to sharing ​our music with the world.”

"A classic example of an after hours album, where else would you find a group that has members having you mention Badfinger and Eagles in the same breath---but that’s where some of these band members come from. Played with pent up, busman’s holiday energy, this is a bunch of pros playing the way they want to play without some label geek that wasn’t even born when they were ruling the charts telling them which end is up. With a dose of after hours funky sloppiness that doesn’t roll off the rails being the intangible good time element, this is the kind of stuff you see in a club live that finds you not minding paying the babysitting some over time. A rollicking good time you have to be a long time bar band fan to really get. Hot stuff throughout for those in the know."

$ 1.50 For Your Love 4:44 | What Love Can Do 3:10 | The Road of Love 3:43 | Say Ya Love Me 3:01 | Time Marches On 2:58 | You're My Love 3:15 | Searching Forever 3:41 | You're The Magic 3:38 | The Paths That We Take 5:19 | Start Your Engines 3:27 | You Don't Know A Thing 2:32 | Barbara Operator 4:50 | High School Reunion 2:40 | Love Me Do 3:00 | Shoot Em Up 3:25 | When Dogs Fly South 5:13