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Salzburg Festival, The

Satoko Fujii Quartet

Internationally acclaimed pianist/composer Satoko Fujii formed her all-Japanese quartet in 1998 comprising of her trumpeter husband Natsuki Tamura, bassist Takeharu Hayakawa (John Zorn's Japanese Unit..

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Sex Gang Children

Sex Gang Children is the label which handles releases from Andi Sex Gang and the Sex Gang Children. The band is prominent in the Gothic music scene.  Andi  is considered an experimental arti..

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Sheila Hayman

Sheila Hayman is a well respected author and award-winning television director. She has written articles for The Times and The Guardian, and published a number of books including Are We nearly There y..

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Shellshock, the four-piece band from Watford, UK, who fuse metal with drum and bass blastbeats into their own unique, raucous 'E Metal' sound, are set to release their debut studio album Laws Of Rebel..

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John Shuttleworth is a fictional singer-songwriter and radio presenter created by English comedy actor and musician Graham Fellows in 1986. Shuttleworth is in his late 50s and is from Walkley in Sheff..

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Sky Architect

Sky Architect is an emerging progressive rock band based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Their debut album, Excavations of the Mind, was released in 2010 from ProgRock Records. The drummer and backing voca..

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Soft Machine

Soft Machine was created in 1966 and grew out of a meeting between Robert Wyatt and Kevin Ayers, who were former members of the legendary Canterbury band, The Wilde Flowers.    They wer..

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Soul Secret

Italian prog-metal act Soul Secret return for the sophomore effort, titled Closer to Daylight, and as with their debut, it's a powerful and spirited affair from start to finish. They've had some line-..

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Spirits Burning

Spirits Burning is one of the most unique entities in the space rock galaxy. The group consists of one main member, Don Falcone, and many other participants from various  bands and projects...

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Spirits Burning & Bridget Wishart

Spirits Burning is a musical collective that has released a combination of ambient, jazz and full-on space-rock with input from many of the genre's luminaries, most notably Gong's&..

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Spirits Burning and Clearlight

Healthy Music In Large Doses is the latest offering from the Spirits Burning space rock collective, this time featuring keyboardist Cyrille 'Clearlight' Verdeaux. Clearlight is a project of French son..

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Spooky Tooth

Spooky Tooth was an English rock band principally active, with intermittent breakups, between 1967 to 1974. In recent years the band has been reconstituted at various points and continues to perform o..

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Steel Pulse

Steel Pulse first came together at school in Handsworth, Birmingham, where the original members decided to form a band in 1975. Quickly securing a one-off singles deal with Anchor Records, the release..

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Steve Hackett

Steve Hackett began his professional career at the start of the seventies and the first album that many people will now possibly own that features Steve Hackett’s guitar talent is the album by Q..

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Steve Hillage

Steve Hillage first came to prominence as a member of the multi-national rock band Gong, appearing on successful albums such as Angels Egg and You.  After Sharmal, his final album with the band, ..

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Steve Ignorant

Steve Ignorant (born Steven Williams in 1957) is a singer and artist best known for co-founding the anarcho-punk band Crass with Penny Rimbaud in 1977. After Crass stopped performing in 1984, he has w..

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Steve Miller Trio

Pianist Steve Miller (1943-1998) formed his trio in the mid-eighties after a lengthy hiatus for technique re-evaluation. With young bassist Tony Moore and AMM drummer Eddie Prevost, Steve was now able..

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Igor Fyodorovich Stravinsky (17 June [O.S. 5 June] 1882 – 6 April 1971) was a Russian, and later French and American, composer, pianist and conductor. He is widely considered one of the most imp..

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