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Jack Bruce

John Symon Asher 'Jack' Bruce (born 14 May 1943) is a Scottish musician and songwriter, known as a founding member of the British psychedelic-rock power-trio Cream in the late 1960s. He has maint..

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Jack Lancaster

Jack Lancaster is a British composer, record producer and musician. In the late 1960s Lancaster co-founded the British rock group Blodwyn Pig with Jethro Tull guitarist Mick Abrahams. Since then he h..

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Jackson Webber

Jackson Webber are the band fronted by Will jackson and Roy Webber. The band came about when Roy did some recording in Will's studio. In addition to Jackson Webber both Will and Roy are members o..

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James Brown

James Joseph Brown, Jr. (May 3th 1933 – December 25th 2006) was an American recording artist and musician. One of the founding fathers of funk music and a major figure of 20th-century popular mu..

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Jean Philippe Rykiel

Jean-Philippe Rykiel is a French composer, arranger & musician, primarily a keyboard player. He has been blind since his birth in 1961, and is the son of fashion designer Sonia Rykiel. ..

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Jeff Green

Jeff Green is an American guitarist and songwriter living in Ireland, and who also works across the world as a member of the premier Eagles tribute band The Illegal Eagles. Jeff also is a huge fa..

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Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead, Joan Baez a

The sixties were a turbulent and at times violent decade. As the youth tried to break out of the confines set by the previous generation, the old were puzzled by the sometimes outrageous behaviour of ..

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Jefferson Starship

Jefferson Starship grew out of the San Francisco band Jefferson Airplane, which was one of THE San Francisco bands that emerged in the mid-sixties.  The band flourished in and around the Hai..

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Jethro Tull with the London Symphony Orchestra

Jethro Tull are a British rock group, formed in Luton, Bedfordshire, in December 1967. Initially playing experimental blues rock, they later incorporated elements of classical music, folk music, jazz,..

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Jimmy Carl Black

Jimmy Carl Black started recording two years before he joined the band that became Frank Zappa's legendary Mothers of Invention.  That early group was The Keys, whose 1962 single Stretch Pants/Ju..

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Joey Molland

Joseph 'Joey' Charles Molland (born 21 June 1947, Edge Hill, Liverpool, England) is an English composer and rock guitarist whose recording career spans four decades. He is best known as..

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John Adams

John Adams is a Pulitzer-Prize-winning American composer best known for his minimalist style. His best-known works include On The Transmigration Of Souls, a choral piece commemorating the victims of t..

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John Ellis

John Ellis (born 1 June 1952) is an English guitarist and songwriter. He was a co-founder of the pub rock band Bazooka Joe in 1970 and a founding member of the punk rock band The Vibrators. Ellis..

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John Greaves, Hugh Hopper, Alain Blesing

John Greaves (born 23 February 1950) is a British bass guitarist and composer, best known as a member of Henry Cow and his collaborative albums with Peter Blegvad. He was..

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John Mayall

John Mayall, OBE, (born 29 November 1933) is an English blues singer, guitarist, organist and songwriter, whose musical career spans over fifty years. In the 1960s, he was the founder of John Mayall &..

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John Osborne

John Osborne is a British playwright and screenwriter whose breakthrough came in the fifties with the play “Don’t Look Back In Anger”.  It could be fairly said that when this pa..

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John Shuttleworth

John Shuttleworth is a fictional singer-songwriter and radio presenter created by English comedy actor and musician Graham Fellows in 1986. Shuttleworth is in his late 50s and is from Walkley in Sheff..

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Jon And The Nightriders

Highly regarded music historian, John Blair, proved himself to be an excellent guitarist as well as a writer and researcher.  John was lead of Jon & The Nightriders since the 1979 surf music ..

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Jon Anderson

Jon Anderson began his career with British pop combo, The Warriors. From here he was briefly a solo artist and went under the name Hans Christian Anderson. Shortly after meeting Chris Squire in 1968, ..

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Judge Smith

Christopher John Judge Smith (born 1948), is an English songwriter, composer and performer, and a founder member of progressive rock band Van der Graaf Generator. Initially working under the name Chri..

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