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Fairport Convention And Matthews Southern Comfort

Fairport Convention is the world’s leading exponent of British Folk Rock, having virtually invented the genre in the late sixties. The band was formed in the mid-sixties by Ashley Hutchings but ..

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Fankhauser Cassidy Band

Merrell Fankhauser is considered one of the main innovators of surf music and psychedelic folk rock, and is widely known as the leader of the instrumental surf group The Impacts who had the internatio..

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Felix Pappalardi

Felix A. Pappalardi Jr. (December 30, 1939 – April 17, 1983) was an American music producer, songwriter, vocalist, and bass guitarist. As a producer, Pappalardi is perhaps best known for his wo..

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Firemerchants are another one of those horribly unjustly overlooked bands that deserved so much better. They were formed by guitarist John Goodsall (Babylon, Brand X, Sandoz) and drummer Chester Thomp..

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Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa is considered to be one of the most influential rock musicians of the late twentieth century. Between the start of his career in the late fifties and his death in 1993 he recorded and rele..

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Frank Zappa et al

On September 19, 1985, Frank Zappa testified before the United States Senate Commerce, Technology, and Transportation committee, attacking the Parents Music Resource Center or PMRC, a music organizati..

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Freddie King

Like so many of the classic blues men his magic worked most keenly when he was on stage and this classic album which was recorded in the early 1970’s contains a mix of classic blues tunes and a ..

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