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Strange Fruit #197a

Strange Fruit is a unique two-hour radio show exploring the world of underground, strange and generally neglected music. All shows are themed and all shows set out to give the most hardened of sound-hounds some new delight to sample. The show is also unique in providing homework for undergraduate students on North West Kent College’s Foundation Degree in Professional Writing (who dig up many of the odd facts featured in the links between tracks).

Neil Nixon, the founder and presenter of the show has released a book about rare albums for Gonzo Multimedia. The show is broadcast on Miskin Radio every Sunday from 10-00-midnight.

 Lyin’ Bitch and the Restraining Orders  Ice Cold Beer

Neil Young:  My New Robot

Tyler Trainer:  In my Life

Emerson, Lake and Palmer:  The Three Fates

National Lampoon:  Monolithic Oil Commercial

Iron Maiden:  The Prisoner

Sigue Sigue Sputnik:  Always on my Mindwarp

Aztec Camera:  Rainy Season

Jane and Barton:  You are Over There (part 1)

Katiee:  For the Good Times

Emerson, Lake and Palmer:  Lucky Man

The Inspiral Carpets:  Now You’re Gone

Esther Philips:  Home is Where the Hatred is

Jim Stafford:  Undecided

The Lucid Dream:  I’m a Star in my Own Right

The Stargazer Lilies:  When with You

William Basinski:  Disintegration Loop 2.1

William Ackerman:  Rickover’s Dream

Emerson, Lake and Palmer:  Take a Pebble

Takiko Nishizaki:  Schoen Rosmarin for Violin and Piano

Napalm Death:  All Links Severed





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