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GONZO WEEKLY #173: Jon meets the bloke who makes Pink Fairies Ac

I am always particularly fond of obsessives and enthusiasts, and even fonder of enthusiastic obsessives; those who do things that nobody else would have dreamt of doing purely because they can.

Years ago when I was on the phone to dear departed Mick Farren, he told me of one such obsessive—a man who made action figures of the Pink Fairies no less. Mick promised to hunt out this man’s address, but then he died and all sorts of plans that we had disappeared into the aether.

Then, three years later along comes famed Gonzo artist and graphic whatnot dude Martin Cook. Had I heard of the bloke who made action gigs of the PFs he asked me? Yes, but I have been wanting to get in touch with him for years, I replied, and in two shakes of a gnat’s tail the deed was done, and I was in touch with a jolly nice fellow called Tony who sent me this:

“My PF's themed model making really started back in '04 when Larry Wallis released his solo album 'Death in the Guitar Afternoon'. There was a PO box address printed on the fold out CD insert for City Kid productions.

Myself being a long time fan of Larry's & the PF's I came up with an idea to make and send a small gift too Larry via his PO box address on the CD. My gift to Larry came in the shape of a pf's themed model. This was a 7 inch tall clay pink pig dressed in a clay tu-tu similar in style to the Edward Barker cartoon pig which is the main feature of the cover of the PF's -     live at the Roundhouse 1975 album. This was my way of thanking Larry for his excellent solo album and just to let him know how long I'd been a fan of his and also the PF's etc. At the time I thought that there's no harm in doing this and at least it will give Larry a good laugh when he opens my parcel.

About a month passed and out of the blue I received a letter from Larry saying how thrilled he was to receive my gift of the clay pig which he liked a lot and that he wanted to keep in touch with me via e mail. As time passed we became e mail buddies and I took my model making a stage further when I was asked to make a clay replica figure for Larry's home studio.

This figure was of the Zombie/Cowboy character....Joe Death.

Joe Death was Savage Pencil's brilliant illustration which was featured on the cover and fold out insert of Larry's solo album. Luckily for me Larry was very pleased with his JD figure I made for him, and over time, this resulted in me making further figures of the JD character for Larry in various paint finishes and poses.  Around this time Larry was interested in me making a pre production JD model with the idea of getting Joe Death made into a plastic action figure, but sadly this never materialised due to the large production costs involved.

Through my model making activities for Larry I was eventually asked by one of Boss Goodmans close friends. Boss. G being the pf's road manager and this request was to make a small model relating to Boss. G. Around this time Boss was in hospital getting over a very bad stroke and the idea was to hold small party within the hospital grounds as a means to cheer Boss Goodman up etc. I was very pleased to attend this gathering and present the model to Boss Goodman in person. To my surprise this brought a big beaming smile to Boss G's face when he clapped eyes on what I'd made for him and a good time was had by all on that day. I went onto make further PF themed models for Boss Goodman on his following B'day including his 60th . 

Through my contact with Boss. G this got the attention of various members of the PF's - drummer Russell Hunter and bass player Duncan 'Sandy' Sanderson who began to like my work and overtime  this also led me on to make clay replica models of these two band members for there homes.

I also made clay replica album covers of the three PF's albums that they recorded for Polydor and posted these on FB just for other like minded fan's to see...etc.

I was also asked by Esoteric Records in 2013 they commissioned me to make 2 clay album cover remakes of the remastered Hawkwind classic album - 'Warrior on the Edge of Time'. These remakes were offered as part of a prize consisting of the deluxe CD version of this album and 1 cover remake.The competition was held in the Prog Rock magazine. Esoteric were very pleased with what I'd done for them at the time which I was very pleased to hear.

To this day I've no idea who won the competition and where my Hawkwind album cover remake actually ended up.  

I made a model for the Deviants/PF's and presented this to the band at the anniversary memorial gig they played for Mick Farren. This model was of Mick's very last paperback that he wrote and featured small crows on top of the book reading Various copies of Mick's novels. The band really liked this one but I don't know which member of the Deviants/PF's  that this model was given a home. I owe a lot to the cartoonist Edward Barker for the influence that he's had on me with his cartoon creations of “Musical Crows” ,”Flying Pig's” and many others which I've tried to bring to life in 3D.

As for the future I'd really like to get involved with other Band's /Musicians which could incorporate my clay creations in a creative way. 

I'm really pleased to be making a contribution to the new PF's album cover/CD insert with designer Martin Cook....Can't really say anything until the album is released, I'm sworn to secrecy!”

This whetted my appetite massively so I gave Tony a ring...


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