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GONZO WEEKLY #140: Jon meets Jaki Windmill

I am very fond of Jaki Windmill. I first met her in the spring of 2013 when my dear nephew Dave B-P and I drove to Brighton to interview the late Mick Farren, and ended up filming one of his last concerts.  We spoke to the other members of The Deviants at some length, and on stage that evening I was particularly struck with the sensitivity and energy that one member in particular brought to what was otherwise a brutal monolith of sound. Jaki's vocals and percussion added a whole new dimension to the sound and she provided both a visual and emotional foil to Mick.

On her website Jaki describes herself: "I am an astrologer, shamanic practitioner, actress, musician, teacher and writer. I have a son, (aged 36, works for BBC). I was brought up in St. Ives in Cornwall (and retain strong connections there) but now live in Brighton – a stimulating place! I have strong connections with Mexico – and the San Francisco Bay Area!

I gained my Diploma from the Faculty of Astrological Studies in 1998, receiving the Margaret Hone award for the best interpretation paper that year. Since then, I have interwoven writing about Astrology, teaching it, running workshops and doing private consultations. I have also spoken about astrology on BBC Radio, including doing ‘on the spot‘ consultations live on air.

My style of astrology can apparently be both sensitive and raunchy!

I have lectured frequently on Sex in the Chart, Creativity in the Chart, the Moon, Neptune and Saturn. I am particularly interested in hidden potential as is revealed in the birth chart. I write astrological articles, in particular for an Astrology Correspondence course manual printed by the astrologycollege.com. (Aspects in the Chart and The Astrological Cycles.)

I have taught Mundane Astrology for the Faculty of Astrology and lectured at their Summer School at Jesus College Oxford."

All that, and singing with The Deviants who, in a vaguely analogous replay of events nearly fifty years ago, became The Pink Fairies. What's not to find enthralling? Nothing, that's what!

She is also one of the headline speakers at this year's Weird Weekend which will be held at the Small School in Hartland on the third weekend of August this year. She will be talking about Astroshamanics,  and will be doing music later on the Saturday evening. Jaki and I also come from much the same political and Fortean perspective, and so it is always a joy to speak to her, and as we hadn't spoken for a while, and hadn't done a formal interview (if any communication between the two of us can be considered formal) an interview for this issue of the magazine seemed like a jolly good idea...


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