Web Radio

Sub Reality Sandwich #29

Gonzo Web Radio is chuffed to bits to present a remarkable radio show put together by none other than the lovely Jaki Windmill and the irrepressible Tim Rundall. An anarchic mixture of music, politics, current affairs and all sorts of other things really wrapped in a surreal miasma of post-psychedelic credibility. Sounds good?  You bet yer sweet pondos it does.

Tim approached me some weeks ago.  Apparently before he died Mick Farren told him about Gonzo Web Radio and some of the plans Rob and I had tentatively began to put together.  Would we like to broadcast some of the stuff he had recorded with Mick?

I’ve heard some silly questions in my time, but this takes the biscuit.  Of course we would. Mick Farren was one of my greatest heroes, and the fact that he took an interest in this magazine and helped me steer it into the direction in which it is currently sailing, meant that dear Tim’s question was completely superfluous. 

So I waited to see what would happen.  Soon after that I got approached by Jaki.  Apparently she has been co-hosting a radio show broadcast from a conceptual submarine together with Tim for some time.  Would we like a whole slew of brand new shows for Gonzo Web Radio?  Of course we would. 

As this week’s episode begins our intrepid submarine dwellers are still captive on the island of Alcatraz.  There should be a good Martin Luther joke here, because at least part of the time they have been subsisting on a diet of worms.  Apparently they made friends with some seagulls that have been bringing them fish occasionally, somewhat reminiscent of the plot of Dr Doolittle’s Post Office (1923). It turns out that they have been captured by the ghosts of some of the prisoners who expired on the island between 1868 and 1963 when it was first a military prison, and then one of the most notorious of American Federal penal establishments. Maisie the cow has made friends with a mysterious sea creature, described as being a cross between a manatee and a giraffe (yes, boys and girls, such creatures have been reported along the California coastline from time to time).

Apparently there have been rock and roll parties featuring the submarine crew and some wild ghosts and some Elvis was played.  There is music from Skip Spence, Mick Farren and Andy Colquhoun, and Captain Beefheart.

However, I wish to register a complaint in the strongest possible terms.  During this programme Tim Rundall refers to earwigs as being ‘beetles’.  They are of course not beetles at all, but members of the order Dermaptera.  Such zoological blasphemy came close to ruining the whole show for me, and it was only that I wanted to see whether they would escape from Alcatraz or not that stopped me from hacking all my audio devices apart with a hatchet in protest….


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