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GONZO WEEKLY: Harry Williamson on the Drone for Daevid

Dear Friends,
Things really are looking good for Daevid now.  Orlando writes that he has arrived home at last to the great and welcome surprise of the doctors, surgeons, and the immediate family.  Daevid himself wrote that: “Rapid recovery began from the moment Ynys played me the drones! My lymph swelling reduced. No dressing now needed.
And yesterday they x-rayed my arm and we saw that the bones are knitting so no plating operation required. More later. Needless to say i am very very grateful!! Love, Daevid xxxx"
File:Daevid Allen April 2004.jpg
Something extraordinary seems to have happened, and it all appears to be related to a piece of music recorded under the aegis of Daevid’s old pal, Harry Williamson, another boy from North Devon (like me) and son of the author of Tarka the Otter (hence the Grande Fromage’s one time incarnation as head honcho of Otter Songs). Drone for Daevid is a collaboration between Steve Hillage, Fabio Golfetti, Makoto, Harry Williamson, Miquette Giraudy, Josh Pollock, Brian Abbott, Andy Bole, Steve Bemand, Mark Huxley, Greg McKella, Kev Hegan, all members of the Glissando Orchestra in absentia.
The only instruction was to play for 9 minutes in F and then the same in G, and send the result to Harry. The results are extraordinary. download the files from here http://www.springstudio.com.au/store/music choose your format, add to cart, checkout and off you go.
As someone who is interested in magick as well as musick (and all sorts of other things ending in ‘ick’) but above all in the well-being of Daevid Allen who is a very dear, sweet, and much loved man, I decided to investigate further.
On Monday I carried out a long interview with Harry Williamson about the ‘Drone Orchestra’, and also about the philosophy behind it and the positive results it has had for Daevid.  
Watch this space.


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