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THE WEEK THAT'S PAST: Judy Dyble's new extraordinary video

This week Judy Dyble released what is possibly the most beautiful, poignant and touching video that I have ever seen for a pop song. It is a video for 'Wintersong' from her Flow and Change album, and was directed by an eminent Italian film director called Francesco Paladino. Since music has been made there have been love songs, and since the music video was first made there have been videos for love songs. But I have never seen one like this.

Featuring Paladino's own parents, his mother in her eighties and his father in his nineties, this is a love story; a story of what love really means. Nothing to do with chocolate boxes and soft focus camera effects, this film shows his parents about their daily routine, when first thing in the morning his mother cares for his bedridden father, washing him, cleaning him, and cuddling him, but above all loving him. I defy anyone to watch this video without crying.

I telephoned Judy for a chat about the video. Listen to the conversation HERE.


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