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GONZO WEEKLY #65 Jon meets The Pink Fairies

I have been in a peculiar situation here, because I have known some of the details of The Pink Fairies reunion for several months. Or, to be more honest, I knew that there was going to be one, and I knew who two of the members of the reunion lineup were going to be.

But I didn't know anything else for sure. When extraordinary rumours started being posted on the internet, when one of the people I KNEW was going to be in the band denied it publically, and - above all - when the other one asked me to keep schtum about it, I realised that discretion was the better part of valour...

Last saturday, whilst putting the finishing touches to #64 of this august periodical, I was both hungover, and suffering from a horrible cold (which affected my performance far more than the hangover). But this didn't stop me from telephoning a secret number to speak rather croakily to Andy, Russell and Jaki from the band.

Listen to our conversation HERE.


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