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GONZO WEEKLY #62: Jon Meets Judy Dyble

A blast from Judy Dyble's past
I found this on Judy's Facebook page, where someone had found it on YouTube and posted it. It shows a very young Fairport Convention doing their thing back in the days when folk music was only one of the influences that had been chucked into their cultural melting pot, and the days of being the founding fathers of British folk rock were far in the future.

Watching this video you can see where the people who described the early Fairport Convention as being akin  to the British analogue of Jefferson Airplane were coming from. On a personal level it is weird to see this, because Judy on  April 27, 1968 when the show was first broadcast is the spitting image of a girl called Sandra who I went out with when I was a student in the early 1980s.

Weird huh?

But my dears, it gets even better! This afternoon I had a chat with Judy about her memories of this - her first ever TV appearance - and other reminiscences of early Fairport Convention.

Listen to our conversation here!


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