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GONZO MAGAZINE #59: Jon meets Don Falcone

Spirits Burning are very much a 21st Century sort of band, and have made a complete art of long distance recording. Working mostly within the broad genre of Space Rock, and co-ordinated by digital maestro Don Falcone (born November 5, 1958) - an American musician and producer.

Originally a poet-performer in Pennsylvania, he relocated to San Francisco at the beginning of the 1980s. He was a member of Thessalonians and the original Melting Euphoria, had a solo project called Spaceship Eyes, and since 1996 has led the Spirits Burning Space Rock collective.

Falcone set Spirits Burning on their continuing mission just as the internet began to open up an index of collaborative possibilities that studio recordings and logistics previously precluded: the chance for content-creators to recruit musicians on an ad hoc basis across the ether; musicians they’d have scant hope of playing with face-to-face.

I have interviewed him before, but now I am far more au fait with what he is doing personally, and with the whole 21st Century musical modus operandi. Listen to our conversation HERE.


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