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GONZO WEEKLY #58: Crystal Grenade guides us through her debut al

Erich Kästner prefaced one of his acclaimed children's novels twice: there was the 'Preface for Beginners' (ir those who had not read his previous novel featuring the same characters) and the 'Preface for Experts" (who had). Whilst never claiming to be a writer of his calibre, I am gonna do exactly the same thing. Hands up you in the class who have NOT heard of Miss Crystal Grenade (aka Carol Hodge). If you haven't then you had better check her out here. For those of you who have, and want to hear her going through her debut album with me, track by track, with incessant asides about things like Berthold Brecht (the two of us even sing a line of Seeräuberjenny together, then you can listen to our conversation here.


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