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GONZO WEEKLY #57: Jon meets Miss Crystal Grenade

Last week I wrote:

I am very pleased to say that according to everyone I have spoken to, the launch party for Carol Hodge aka Miss Crystal Grenade's debut album went swimmingly. But there remain various questions that a hard working alumnus of The News of the Screws has to ask... For example, what was in those scrolls? Is it true that the divine Miss G wore a crab in her hair? And what is 'tiffin'?

The British public deserve to be told these things. Miss Grenade also hangs out with well-known anarchists, and is obviously planning to subvert our young people with crab-in-the-hair related chicanery. Watch this space...

So I telephoned the lovely Ms Hodge, and asked her for details. 'Ere, wot's all this about? I asked. Listen to our conversation here.


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