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GONZO WEEKLY #47: Jon meets Steve Ignorant

As regular readers will know Gonzo are very proud to be bringing out a record (imminently) by the lovely Miss Crystal Grenade aka Carol Hodge, who was last seen in November 2011 on stage at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire.  She was holding the hand of the one-time Crass vocalist Steve Ignorant as they closed both Ignorant’s world tour and his career of singing songs by the one-time Kings and Queens of anarchopunk, with a massively emotional version of Bloody Revolutions.  Even watching it on YouTube brings tears to my eyes, so I can only imagine what it would have been like being in the audience, or even more on stage. Carol joined Ignorant’s world tour half-way through after the previous female vocalist had dropped out for family reasons.  And she had some pretty big shoes to fill (I suppose if I was clever enough I should make some sort of reference here to Crass’s notorious song about Chinese footbinding, but I can’t think of one).  And she filled them righteously.  

As well as her own project, Carol and guitarist Pete Wilson are working together as Steve Ignorant's Slice of Life who so far have done a handful of gigs, and one YouTube video. But the whole concept is absolutely fascinating so I rang Steve for a chat about it, and - as always seems to happen - we ended up having a long, rambling conversation about all sorts of things.


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