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CSF #74


Episode 74

We at Gonzo Web Radio are very proud to bring you Canterbury Sans Frontières - a podcast dedicated to the music of the 'Canterbury Scene' and more. Creator Matthew Watkins writes:

As with Canterbury Soundwaves , a new three-hour episode will be released with each full moon. I decided to wind down Canterbury Soundwaves so that I didn't end up

(i) repeating myself,

(ii) scraping the bottom of the Canterbury barrel, or

(iii) becoming increasingly tangential.

This new podcast broadens the musical remit, so it'll be about one-third 'Canterbury sound', together with progressive/psychedelic/experimental music from the Canterbury of today, the remainder being a mix of music from various times and places which I feel to be in a similar spirit of creative adventurousness. I'll be doing a lot less talking, and the programme will be less  expository – so no interviews, barely listenable bootlegs, etc. I also plan to include guest one-hour mixes from various musicians from the current music scene in Canterbury (Episode 2 features a mix from Neil Sullivan from Lapis Lazuli).

And for those of you who wonder what Matthew was referring to when he writes about Canterbury Soundwaves we have brought you all the back catalogue of that as well. Those wacky guys at Gonzo, eh?


Soft Machine in the studio '71, Caravan live in 2017, Didier Malherbe accompanying Nico in 1978, Kevin Ayers live with Robert Wyatt in '74, Lindsay Cooper et al.'s Feminist Improvising Group live in '79, the OTHER Lindsay Cooper on record with Keith Tippett and friends in '75 and a wonderfully remastered live recording of Gong live in '74. From the Canterbury of today, an acoustic live set from a trio version of Arlet, new electronica from Raven Bush and Josh Magill, and something from The Miserichords (three former members of The Happy Accidents, as featured last episode). Also, some mid-70's German jazz-fusion, late 60's Brazilian tropicalia and a Palestrina choral piece recorded live in Canterbury Cathedral.


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