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GONZO WEEKLY #333/4: Jon meets Tony Klinger

TONY KLINGER’S AMAZING NEW MOVIE: This is the first Give-Get=Go film. A woman winning her battle with life threatening cancer would normally be the end of a normal story, but with Amanda Harrison it was just the start.  This is the story of a remarkable woman who faced and triumphed over tremendous odds throughout her life. Unstoppable Amanda is about to take on her biggest challenge, her lifetime ambition of flying Solo2Darwin from the UK, emulating her hero, Amy Johnson. Will Amanda be able to complete this dangerous and gruelling adventure so soon after surviving breast cancer?

“All you'll be good for is stacking shelves” one cruel school teacher told Amanda, “I'm going to prove you're wrong!” Amanda thought. She went on to obtain an Honours degree, overcoming dyslexia, then went on to gain her commercial pilots license in a man’s world. Amanda not only flies jets commercially, but has also broken into the world of vintage flying. 

Solo2Darwin will see Amanda strap into a leather seat protected only by fabric and wood in a tiny 1942 Bi-plane. Imagine a misty morning as she flies her fragile aircraft at 60 knots through the Transylvania foothills. The flight ahead, treacherous, flying close to the Carpathian Mountains. Even more dangerous the mountains in Myanmar, as the weather can change in a matter of seconds from beautiful blue skies to killer monsoons.

Volcanoes to face along the ring of fire before a gruelling 7 hours of flying, completely alone! Seated in the tiny aeroplane, straining to hear any cough of the engine, that would mean ditching in the shark infested Timor Sea.

Overcoming bureaucracy can be funny or hazardous when a form wrongly filled in, would mean being arrested in countries that might not be women friendly.

Why would you want to do this she's asked?  “I can taste freedom, when the wheels lift off the ground, I was nearly dead but this proves I'm alive.” Amanda responds.

Do you want to go on that journey with this driven, heroic woman in Tony Klinger's Give-Get=Go film of this epic flight? This journey proves women can achieve against huge odds. Join us for this epic adventure.

Gonzo Web Radio spoke to Tony Klinger about this amazing story, and you can hear their conversation…


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