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Product: Gary Windo - Steam Radio Tapes
Date: 2014-02-15 

Steam Radio Tapes

In April 1976 offered Nick Mason Gary Windo (which can, for example, knows of Robert Wyatt and Hugh Hopper solo discs as expressive saxophone or clarinet) at the brand new Pink Floyd studio in Britannia Row in London for your own recordings to use it. With Brian Humphries and Nick Griffiths on the mixer originated as far as 1978 in, every now and again, when studio time was available, different pieces, which eventually abmischten Mason and Windo to an album. Mason then wanted to find a label for the disc. Too much he has not apparently strained, because the "Steam Radio Tapes", which names were the recordings later, remained unpublished. This reminds a little (or quite strong) to the history of the Jan Dukes de Grey album " Strange Terrain ". 
Numbers from the Windo sessions, however, appeared on compilations, including the Windo samplers " Anglo American "and" His Master's Bones ", but also the Robert Wyatt Collection" Flotsam Jetsam ". In 2013, Gonzo Multimedia have now an album from the material put together that comes close presumably that would have been at that time, published at the end of the 70s. 
A whole series not entirely unknown musicians has Windo then invited into the studio, including Steve Hillage, for example (which here does not spacey rock), Hugh Hopper, Nick Mason (of course) and Bill MacCormick. An interesting mix came out of it. With the solo bass clarinet number "Grinkie" it's pretty minimalist, echoing los repetitive. Then there are humorous Mitklatsch Brass Rocker heard ("Night Train" "Red River Valley"), funky brass jazz-rock ("Stand Fast" - an old Symbiosis number), a jazzy-folky Honky-Tonk Rock Song ("Sweetest Angel") and all sorts of jazzy Canterbury Prog, usually provided with easier Brassrock atmosphere with singing ("Come into my garden," "Missy", "Letting Go" and "Is this the time?"). The high points is the amazing groovy "Is this the time?" with Robert Wyatt. 
"Steam Radio Tapes" is a fun disc with British Jazzprog that should appeal especially Canterbuty lovers well, or at least in those circles will be regarded as a welcome complement of the collection.Windos richly varied, mostly very passionate Saxspiel is always worth listening to, which is also true for Hopper's bass lines. In short: Not earth shattering, but very nice.
Steam Radio Tapes
CD - £9.99

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