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Product: Michael Des Barres - Carnaby Street
Date: 2012-08-17 

Carnaby Street

We know him mainly for his roles as villain in lots of movies or TV ( Murdoc in the series MacGyver in particular), and it will also be showing an episode ofNCIS soon, but Michael Des Barres is not a novice in the music community. He has released several albums with Silverhead , Detective and Chequered Past in the early '80s. When Robert Palmer left Power Station in 1985, Des Barres, who is replaced for the remainder of the tour, including the Live Aid in Philadelphia.
With "Carnaby Street" , the actor / singer returns with an album very rock'n'roll, but also full of blues influences, as the aperture range "Painkiller" . Then the tempo picks up with "Carnaby Street" or "Forgive Me" , and it takes a real pleasure to listen to that gravelly voice and the guitars sharp. "Route 69" is one of my favorite songs, the chorus hook and the entire song makes exercise. Then, "Please Stay" is in the best tradition of the blues with finesse and sensitivity. Back to bloody well rock with"Little Latin Lover" , and we can not help doing a little comparison with Rod Stewart voice side. Finally, a true blues / rock with "My Baby Saved My Ass" who do not lack humor. "Carnaby Street" is a very successful album, and Des Barres has nothing to envy to other sizes of its kind, therefore strongly recommended.

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