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Product: Merrell Fankhauser - Tiki Lounge Vol 1
Date: 2012-08-10 

Tiki Lounge Vol 1

Various Artists
Merrell Fankhauser's Tiki Lounge Volume One DVD
Review by Eric Meli

This DVD is a compilation of former surf group The Impacts’ Merrell Fankhauser's cable television show “Tiki Lounge.” The first episode is based on instrumental surf with an interview with Dick Dale and a Ventures medley shot in 1989. Out of the other five episodes, one is called “Fast Cars and Rock and Roll,” which has a Huey Lewis and the News video and also a video by the Doobie Brothers.
There’s also a concert with Willie Nelson and a Spirit tribute included here. This DVD also features a 40-minute audio CD with some of the music from the “Tiki Lounge” program.

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