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Product: Erik Norlander - The Galactic Collective Definitive Edition
Date: 2012-08-10 

The Galactic Collective Definitive Edition

An ivory operator takes his squad to the battlefield and serves justice for all.

 No matter how adventurous Erik Norlander's studio endeavors are, it's on-stage where he brings all these edifices to life. Prone to beaming his music in sci-fi domain, there's no much sense of history in the maestro's compositions but at the Rites of Spring Festival in Gettysburg, PA, the material he fashioned on "The Galactic Collective" gained unprecedented gravitas. Having shaped an ensemble of players from both South and North, here Norlander follows that album's template yet throws in a few songs which somehow break the mold while enriching the mood. Thus, the solemn chorale of "Neurosaur", sounding especially predatory in such setting with its piano part deliciously loose, passes its atomic power to Lana Lane's performance on the jazzed-up "Into The Sunset" and her own "Secrets Of Astrology". The latter sees Erik combine pop approach with his usual cosmic flight, and Freddy DeMarco's guitar in the rage of shred.

The band's role is very prominent throughout as Nick LePar's sensual drumming spices up "Dreamcurrants" and "Trantor Station" and adds battle march to the mix, and Mark Matthews' bass propels such spacious pieces as "Sky Full Of Stars" and reserved, if adrenalin-filled, rushes as "Sunset Prelude". The ensemble work peaks on "The Dark Waters" that puts every figure of the bombastic puzzle into its ever-shifting place; on the end of spectrum lays the piano-led "After The Revolution" which takes on chamber qualities and the vocal harmonies of "Hymn". The result is high-spirited - and perfectly in the spirit of things. Best experienced in visual form, sans vision its rewarding on the imagination level. Mission accomplished.


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