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Product: Erik Norlander - The Galactic Collective Definitive Edition
Date: 2012-08-02 

The Galactic Collective Definitive Edition

I have just been sent a whole string of Israeli reviews for Erik Norlander. The only trouble is that I have no references as to where they come from. If anyone knows, can they tell me...

While it does suffice for mere mortals to have polished their best works, Erik Norlander who fashioned an integral album out of his classic pieces under the  "Galactic Collective" banner took his project a step further and brought it all on-stage in 2011 to stun the public and pay tribute to his hero Bob Moog. As documented here, on a video facet of the performance available also in audio-only form, Norlander did so impressively, the focus of attention being not so much a monstrous stack of circuit boards, The Wall Of Doom, taken on-stage but Erik's playing and command of his ensemble.

Now the group include the maestro's wife Lana Lane who, together with Debrissa McKinney, seems lost in a reverie on "Sky Full Of Stars" which switches to black and white when the tension ebbs down and bursts back in color once the tune is taken to the next spiral level with Freddy DeMarco's soaring guitar solo. Later on, Lady Lane steps forward to deliver "Capture The Sun" and "Secrets Of Astrology" with Norlander's contribution accentuated visually, as is his operating of an iPad-like gizmo with a finger-painting interface on "Dark Water". Equally spectacular is Nick LePar's non-intrusive playing - as if in slow motion - on "Fanfare For Absent Friends" and sensitive tom tom's work on "Trantor Station". The leader comes up with a background of the latter theme, so there's a link to a studio DVD, as well as - a great dose of humor on display - of other pieces and the "Wall Of Doom" moniker. Despite the place, Gettysburg, the concert doesn't have an historic aura: that's perhaps, because Erik Norlander's journey continues. Yet it's as great a landmark as it gets.

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