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Product: Gary Windo - Steam Radio Tapes
Date: 2014-02-04 

Steam Radio Tapes

WINDO, Gary - Steam radio tapes/ Published on 27-01-2014 /

Third and last album of Gary Windo edited by Gonzo Multimedia label, "Steam radio tapes" is actually a forgotten saxophonist disc comes to light more than 35 years after its recording. history of this record in 1976, when Pink Floyd finally have their own recording studio called Britannia Row, west of London. Floyd drummer Nick Mason, is friends with Gary Windo and explains that his group plans to measure the sound quality of the studio by bringing in tests musicians. Types will have their own way to the studio, which entices Gary Windo who landed in Britannia Row with his saxophone and some musician friends to record some songs well. Among the guests are Steve Hillage , Hugh Hopper , Peter van Hooke , Mike Hugg , Laurie Allan , Nick Mason , Terri Quaye , Gary Moberly orJulie Tippetts (born Julie Driscoll, famous for its collaboration with organist Brian Auger in the 60s .) Thus for several weeks, Gary Windo and guests sleep on tape a dozen pieces, mainly of soul and funk obedience. Windo several compositions under his belt, including "Ginkie" , a small instrumental that will officially on his album "Deep water" in 1988. It also pays tribute to the great American saxophonist Jimmy Forrest by taking the biggest hit of the latter, "Night Train" (which was number one in the U.S. in 1952). Otherwise, with guests the likes of Nick Mason, Steve Hillage and others, it operates in the high-level musical interpretation."Letting go" is illuminated with crystal clear voice Julie Tippetts and this is Pam Windo , Gary's wife, who sings on "Is this the time " A good and sensual swaying funk where flows the strident sounds of saxophone. Third woman to intervene, Terri Quaye prints "Come into my garden" a muffled song that contrasts with the discoid frenzy of guitar, sax and rhythm. And Steve Hillage in all this  ? Sumptuous guitar on "Missy" , where he co-starred with Gary Windo in great shape. The style of this album project, excellent as it is, does not really stuck to the British music scene of the time. Too elaborate to be simply likely to interest a disco dance scene then advanced pregnancy, completely away from progressive rock moribund ready to be overwhelmed by the punk, the "Steam radio tapes" will remain a dead letter.Nick Mason is trying to sell the concept well to record labels but opposed him an end of inadmissibility. had to wait nearly four decades to see this album available to the public. This is an opportunity to further explore a little more the musical universe of Gary Windo, definitely a great versatile saxophonist and curious about everything. His untimely death in 1992 removed listeners a character flying high in the brass category.

François Becquart
Country: GB

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