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Product: Clearlight - Tribal Hybrid Concept
Date: 2015-01-26 

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Verdeaux, Cyrille & MENETREY, Pascal - Tribal Hybrid Concept | Print |  Email

Author: Robert "Morphine" Wegrzyn

Pascal MENETREY died prematurely in 2006, and the album "Tribal Hybrid Concept" is dedicated to his memory. Pascal in the years 1992 - 1999 record Papuan voices, Inuit, Ethiopian, Kurdish and many other exotic singers, as well as the voices of wild animals in danger of extinction. In contrast, known for his popular in the 70s ofClearlight , Cyrille Verdeaux (recently wrote in our magazine for its fully electronic solo project entitled "The Impressionists Symphony" ), adorned it all sounds of music.

What an album! Fourteen native ethnic composition directly from Amazon, integrated into the dance, disco and film climates. The whole creates inimitable style. This is something that has actually been recorded and implemented among indigenous tribes, and then combined with the synthetic sounds of rhythmic loops and samples.

Climate associate it sounds like the azteckimi situated within, a large modern city. In a sense it in a modern way to show that beauty is hidden in that culture, on the other hand, it's a bit like a "theft" of culture and pack it in synthetic and latex. Fortunately, this is not the climate of the album was gently balanced to maintain a specific style. This is the actual hybrid of two worlds, two species of civilization, often sounding great together. It's a very interesting idea for such a connection. The experiment was a success. I went tribute, which, thanks to the album "Tribal Hybrid Concept" will make unforgettable work of Pascal, and will pay attention to the problems faced by the exotic tribes fighting for it to survive away from Western civilization. As usual it came out good.


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