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Product: Clearlight - Tribal Hybrid Concept
Date: 2015-01-13 

Tribal Hybrid Concept

VERDEAUX Cyril & MENETREY Pascal - Tribal hybrid concept
/ Published on 05-09-2014 /
Cyrille Verdeaux is known by fans of progressive rock for moderating the 1970s the Clearlight Group, who gave generously in a large symphonic style.Albums "Clearlight Symphony" (1975), "Forever blowing bubbles" (1975), "Tales of Crazy Monkey"(1976) or "Visions" (1978) are models of thought for those who appreciate the large, complex and refined flights symphonic prog. Recently, Gonzo Multimedia label recalled Cyrille Verdeaux the good memories of the modern world by publishing the latest album of a resurrected Clearlight, Impressionist symphony " .This concept album was based on Impressionist painting, reviewing the lives of great artists mentioned instrumentally. quickly is talk of Cyrille Verdeaux with this new project "Tribal hybrid concept" , which has nothing to do with Impressionist painting. Here we exchange effect of place and time to be at the heart of the Amazon rainforest in the middle of the defense last tribes still attempting to defend himself against the deleterious progress and lethal deforestation. Who better embodied this fight Chief Raoni , Amazon and feathered plateau became famous by being sponsored by former policeman Sting in the late 1980s, when it came to fight against the programmed disappearance of the Amazon rainforest, eaten by Brazilian bulldozers. Old alike will remember this little guy crumpled, lip surrounded by a traditional board and also a parrot feather Orinoco. Today, the chief Raoni advocates always to preserve his Kayapo tribe and allow him to continue to live quietly in the forest, among the giant boas, crocodiles pranksters and the remains of their cousins ​​Jivaro. But today, it is no more big names like Sting people who defend the oppressed, but obscure masters of progressive rock, in this case Cyrille Verdeaux and his album "Tribal Hybrid concept" . This album, which is preferred immediately notify you that it is more suitable for a meditation a progressive rock album, was made ​​from sounds and traditional songs collected in various moods new age record parts of the world by anthropologists and ornithologists graduates. For birds, it's Pascal Menetrey who recorded noises and hissing between 1992 and 1999 Menetrey having died in 2006, his name appears on the album and his posthumously work is honored through this record. Humans songs that appear on the pieces come from various tribes (South Africa, Kurdistan, Burundi, Papua, American Indians, etc.). This allows Cyrille Verdeaux sinking back in a through friendly  : . the pun "cold Shawnee" , "Papou not taken" , "Aztec tartare""Zeph here" or "Tuva bene" are all worthy titles Big Heads and I would say they have a tendency to interfere with the moral impact of a supposed call awareness to mobilize for the just cause of nature conservation drive. indeed, and this is where comes back to Chief Raoni, this album is the first album of music which contains the venerable chief Kayapo. He recites a text on the aptly named "Raoni's song" . As the Kayapo, one understands nothing but should probably be a warning to the people of this Earth, which kill by inches Mother Nature, which is sure to cause one day a great revenge elements. Otherwise, when we have said that the instrumentation was certainly progressive tones but it also relies heavily on the rhythms and techno or ambient atmospheres, some faces will grow. But we must also announce the results of the sales of this album will generate royalties for the right Raoni, since he is the acknowledged author of the song "Raoni's song" . If you want to give to defend the planet, buy the album, saying that listening is optional.

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