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Product: Joey Molland - This Way Up
Date: 2015-01-13 

This Way Up


Joe Molland / This Way Up
This Way Up Playing time: 55:17
Format: CD
Label: Gonzo Multimedia, 2014 (2001)
Style: Pop / Rock

Review on 05/09/2014 Wolfgang Giese

Joey Molland occurs on this production from 2001 as Joe on. Taken was this - his third - solo album in Minneapolis and now published again. Already at that time not appreciated by many buyers, it is probably now more likely to attract the fans. This album of professionals has been recognized as a masterpiece and actually compared to the early solo works of the former Beatles .
Such advance influenced, I will try to find my own way to this board. The first issue I had been hereadopted. One of the criticisms concerned the good in Your old, slightly brittle sounding voice. Now, in 2001 sounded Molland still fresh. Yes, and this vitality relates to the music.
A little reminds me of it in whole at some of what George Harrison after the demise of the Beatleshad published - and after those plates the seventies and eighties. That is, Molland strong swims in the waters of yesteryear. Here he seems to feel right at home. He and his band present knotless pop music with heavy rock character and it brings joy to listen to the melodious sound rich guitars, as it quite admirably succeeded, for example, on "Happy". The character of many catchy songs falls on pleasant. A little buzzing me as well as comparison Tom Petty around in my head and in "This Must Be Love" and one or the other song, it is even John Lennon , who comes to mind. Unbelievable: In "Moonlight" I think immediately of Paul McCartney !
So I am going through on my warrior hear a collection of well-composed songs, which are of high quality. The protagonist is further demonstrated as an elegant and accomplished guitarist with a very beautiful solo slots. It is incomprehensible to me so far, why this record is not struck like a bomb in 2001.
From the context of the dry drying title "Three Minute Warning", who is also the band falls Rockpilehad and their individual contributors confessed to shame. Finally, it is then again very atmospheric with a strong romantic melancholy orientation.
In addition, all texts are included in the booklet, so they still act as rounding a really good and unfortunately forgotten Popscheibe with Rockappeal. Who has the time failed to buy this record, which I recommend to anyone / everyone with a turn to the music of the Beatles to purchase this disc now quickly, before it disappears from the market.
Joe Molland (vocals, guitars, percussion)
Doug Molland (acoustic guitar),
Joe Molland III (lead guitar - # 10)
Randy Anderson (lead guitar - # 11, slide guitar - # 13)
Tom Lecher (bass)
Mark Healey (bass - # 9)
Harry powder (keyboards)
Bob Millea (drums)
A. Dee (lap steel - # 12)
01: Mirrors (4:15)
02: Happy (3:50)
03: To Be A Way (3:59)
04: The Bust (4:07)
05: This Must Be Love (4:02)
06: Moonlight (4:15)
07: Another Honeymoon (3:20)
08: When I Was A Boy (5:59)
09: Angels Like Us (2:51)
10: What Else (Nothing) (5:32)
11: Tell Me (4:02)
12: Three Minute Warning (4:16)
13: Is not That A Dream? (4:43) (all words and music by Molland)

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