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Product: Atkins May Project - Empire of Destruction
Date: 2014-01-11 

Empire of Destruction


. 01 A World At War, 02. The Midas Touch, 03. Here Comes The Rain 04. Darkness Within,05. Reckless Child, 06 . Paranoia, 07. Are You Ready, 08. Dog Eat Dog, 09. Whisper To The Wind, 10. End Of The Earth TRAINING: Al Atkins (Vocals), Paul May (guitars) TAG: 80's ,Epic , Old School , hoarse singing

Written by Noise on 10/09/2014
With "Empire Of Destruction" Al Atkins and Paul May we suggest the third album of their project launched in 2010 The former lead singer of Judas Priest and not lose more time and even if this career is confidential man clearly pleased without thinking about retirement.

The first two discs of the universe logically duo had a very old school in terms of heavy metal with trends ranging from Dio , Maiden to Judas Priest . "Empire Of Destruction" confirms that road with old, recalling his pocket productions Manilla Road , typical vintage sound very 80s.

And as long as one is a good time amateur we will listen to this very classy disc. Despite his 66 years Al Atkinsremains an interesting singer near a Dio. Certainly it does not have the power of youth, but it retains a passion and a very interesting energy. His friend on guitar confirms an enormous talent for typical riffs and solos of good old heavy metal. And 'A World At War', 'The Midas Touch', 'Reckless Child' or 'Dog Eat Dog' they do the job with ease and a beautiful metallic writing worthy 80s.

But the musicians also have the intelligence to propose a few changes with longer songs. Pretty epic, 'Here Comes The Rain' and 'Whisper To The Wind' show that Atkins and May can succeed in a more progressive style. There are some beautiful passages air guitar and a melodic voice with a convincing felted grain, all in the spirit of Saxonera "Crusader".30 years ago, "Empire Of Destruction" would certainly have met with great success esteem. Today, he probably speaks only a few nostalgic sound and music of another era. However we must respect the work of these artisans a heavy metal old proudly resistant to time and modes.

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