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Product: Soft Machine - Live In Paris
Date: 2015-01-06 

Live In Paris

Live From Paris 1977

The California native Don Glen Van Vliet (or shorter Don Van Vliet) to lay down the pen name Captain Beefheart and was especially including with his experimental, bluesy, jazzy, oblique, Dadaist and avant-garde rock quite famous. 2010 died this eccentric and eclectic artists unfortunately. A great loss to the innovative side of the rock scene. For a short time is "Live From Paris 1977" to obtain the relatively complete recording of a concert of the captain in a double-CD format.

On November 19, 1977 Beefheart occurs together with four members of his band The Magic in Paris 'Le Nouvel Hippodrome' on. As a stage manager Harry Duncan guest acts with occasional harmonica inserts text and lectures. The setlist contains pieces from almost the entire career of the American of almost all albums that had appeared up to the gig. Including of course the "Save As Milk" and "Trout Mask Replica". Material from as early as 1976 finished album "Bat Chain Puller", which was due to legal problems, however, until 1978 officially titled "Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller)" come out, also taken into account.

The sound quality is unfortunately not the best, but rather gives the impression that you were listening because just a bootleg. It almost seems as if the shots came from the audience or anywhere else in the hall, moreover, with not just first-class equipment. Luckily, after some listening time is a kind of habituation effect, so that the whole thing makes a slightly better sound impression. More negative points in this publication are those probably somewhat arbitrary and not always comprehensible set points cuts.

Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band pass any case, hardly cause for complaint. They are all in good shape and place playful mood on the day that skips to the audience. Too bad only that you can see the word posts and announcements, understand clearly at all accustomed to the mediocre sound, not always real.

In the accompanying booklet, leaflet or better, interesting notes by Jon Downes to be read.

"Live From Paris 1977" makes, despite some drawbacks, but clearly shows the special, unusual and memorable events were the shows of Mr. Van Vliet and are to this day.

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