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Product: Clearlight - Tribal Hybrid Concept
Date: 2014-12-15 

Tribal Hybrid Concept

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Info: Tribal Hybrid Concept - innovative projeto Cyrille Verdeaux and Pascal Menetrey

In 1975 Virgin Recordsreleased the first album ofCyrille Verdeaux calledClearlight Symphony . And while this first album carries no artist name, quickly Clearlight was adopted. And then, theClearlight became the first French band to prog rockto be signed by a British multinational. Musically, Cyrille Verdeaux rested his work in rock progressive, although he neglected never incursions by other genres such as psychedelic, the jazz fusion , thespace rock and new age . The Clearlight continued to make music, they released several albums but the album Tribal Hybrid Concept is definitely striking. Firstly because here Verdeaux works with Pascal Menetrey died in 2006. Therefore, this album also ends up being a tribute to Pascal. It was he himself who collected between 1992 and 1999, one by one, the sounds of various animals endangered. These sounds can now be heard in Tribal Hybrid Concept . But not only that, this is an album designed to bring positive energy and celebrate life. Therefore samples of Inuit Papoos, Tuvas, Ethiopian and Kurdish singers and even an Indian chief from Amazon, Raoni(protected from Sting , who made ​​a tour in 1989) to sing in their native language, the Kayapo also here can be ears. More than a music disc, Tribal Hybrid Concept is a multicultural manifesto that aims to protect and defend minorities and endangered species. The Chief Raoni maintains its own fight against the Brazilian Government in an attempt to not only defend their tribe but also the poise and the present and future sustainability of nature and the planet. As for the animals, maybe some of these sounds that we hear here may already be extinct ... It is the ultimate information of the proceeds from the sale of this album reverts to the struggle of the people of Raoni.
Tracklist : 1) onshore Australia; 2) Raoni's Song; 3) Shawnee froid; 4) Transe fuses; 5) Organic Trance; 6) Pass Papuan Prisms; 7) Here Zeph; 8) Rain dance; 9) Aztec tartare: 10) Tuva Bene; 11) Mashed Transe; 12) Sufi Dance; 13) Offline Transe; 14) Amzone Core Zone

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