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Product: Percy Jones - Cape Catastrophe
Date: 2014-11-19 

Cape Catastrophe

PERCY JONES: Cape Catastrophe (CD on Gonzo Multimedia)

This 2013 CD features 63 minutes of hyperactive music recorded in East Harlem, New York, in 1988-89.

On this record, Jones plays everything himself.

Since bass is Jones' main instrument, the sinuous throbbing strings play a vital role in this tuneage. Riffs of sultry definition cascade forth, establishing threads of exotic charm. The resultant melodies are comprised of buzzing notes and wobbly chords interweaving to create a contrasting chorus.

Otherwise contributing instruments include synthesizers and drums. The electronics are versatile and varied, injecting buzzing elements of synthetic origin into the music.

The percussion is snappy and often complex in its multilayered structure. A multitude of rhythms flow forth, spiraling to form peppy patterns of mystical allure. Harsh beats blend with crisp impacts to generate a lush tapestry of undulant tempos. The rhythms flood upon the listener at often hyperactive velocity, mired in pulsating basslines and accompanied by electronic bleats.

Some vocals, mostly vocodered effects, are found scattered throughout the tuneage.

These compositions lurch and flow with the craft of a clever composer. Attractive tunes are peppered with the heterogeneous throb of lush basslines and agile percussion, melded together by sneaky electronics. This tuneage combines aspects of progressive jazz with modern technology and a touch of rave dance sentiments.

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