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Product: Brand X - Missing Period
Date: 2014-11-19 

Missing Period

Classic Unreleased Progrock by Brand X

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While Brand X was considered an experimental side-project by Genesis' Phil Collins, in actuality the band was a gestalt of some of the more talented talents from the progressive music genre of the late Seventies, including: Percy Jones, Brian Lumley, John Goodsall, and Morris Pert.
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BRAND X: Missing Period (CD on Gonzo Multimedia)
This CD released in 2013 features 51 minutes of previously unreleased music recorded in 1975-76, prior to the band's "debut" album.
For this release, the band line-up is: Phil Collins (on drums), John Goodsall (on guitar), Preston Heyman (on percussion), Percy Jones (on bass) and Robin Lumley (on keyboards).
High energy tuneage generated by instruments in the hands of master performers.
Rhythms are mostly dominant here, a plethora of them, cascading out with determined fury. A series of exquisite tempos interweave their complexity to form a dazzling tangle of wondrous coherency. The percussion is astounding in its slick delivery and relentless entanglement. Besides the standard drum kit, a profusion of inventive beats are displayed, lending extra layers to the crowded tempos.
The guitar delivers searing riffs of blazing character. These riffs spout with hyperactive beauty, shimmering and coalescing into melodics of superior luster.
The basslines are equally complex and spry, creating a throbbing bottom that frequently surfaces to lead the tunes.
The keyboards provide an endless stream of sinuous threads that glisten with progressive charisma. Often utilizing the higher end of the sonic spectrum, these keys sparkle like gems burning with interior lighting, casting off radiant riffs that sweep and soar and cavort with cosmic jubilation.
These compositions exhibit an unbridled enthusiasm, delivering tuneage that is captivating and exhausting. Infusing modern jazz with an agile rock influence, these songs seethe with more oomph than one can imagine.

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