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Product: Hugh Hopper - Volume One: Memories
Date: 2014-11-05 

Volume One: Memories




01. Memories (feat: Soft Machine) 3:04, 02. Was a Friend (feat: Hugh Hopper Franglo Band) 10:50, 03. Shuffle Demons (feat : North & South / Mike Travis) 9:31, 04. Playtime 6:31, 05.Dabinaire (feat: Hugh Hopper Franglo Band) 9:25, 06. MGH (feat: Nigel Morris) 7:07, . 07Long Piece (feat Hugh Hopper Computer Collage) 4:59 p.m. TRAINING: François Verly (Battery (2.5)), Hugh Hopper (Acoustic Guitar (1), Programming (4)), Mike Ratledge (keyboards (1)), Mike Travis (Battery (3), Percussion (3)), Nigel Morris (Drums (6), Percussion (6)), Patrice Meyer (Guitar (2.5)), Paul Flush (Keyboards (3)), Pierre-Olivier Govin (Saxophones (2.5)), Robert Wyatt (Chant (1) Battery (1)), Steve Kettley (Tenor Saxophone) (3) TAG: 70's , Avant-garde , Canterbury , Experimental , Instrumental , Jam , Jazzy ,compilation


Written by Corto1809 the 10/21/2014
Gonzo Multimedia undertook to trace the career of Hugh Hopper as taking ten albums studio recordings andlive that have never before been published. For those to whom the name of Hugh Hopper not evoke anything, remember it is one of the founding fathers of the school of Canterbury alongside Robert Wyatt , Kevin Ayers ,Mike Ratledge and Richard Sinclair and others. Bassist Soft Machine until 1973, he worked during the 35 years that follow many projects: a wide variation of groups "soft" in tribute to the soft machine (Soft Heap, Soft Head, Softworks, Soft Machine Legacy Softbounds, Polysoft) but also experiments with less British musicians as Hopper Goes Dutch successively become The Hugh Hopper Franglo-Dutch Band when the French guitarist Patrice Meyer will interfere in the Dutch group and The Hugh Hopper Band Franglo when all musicians around d 'Hopper will be French. If group names change, if the musicians revolving around bassist evolve, and if it crosses musical experiences are many, man nevertheless remains faithful to a jazz-rock jazz sometimes that rock, sometimes more rock than jazz, sometimes compound, sometimes improvised and occasionally flirting with bold experimentation and avant-garde. The first ten albums outlines through seven pieces it offers. No chronological order here, the thread seeming to be to discover the different facets collaborations forged by Hugh Hopper (the subtitle of the album is called 'Many Friends'), particularly in Soft Machine (' Memories' only title of the album sung by the diaphanous voice of Robert Wyatt ) and Franglo Band (as a studio, 'Was A Friend', and a live, 'Dabinaire'). 'Memories',' Was A Friend ',' Shuffle Demons 'and' Dabinaire '(partially marred by the disrespectful chatter of the public that can be discerned behind the music through headphones) are all virtuosos digressions where the interest lies more in the sensitivity of artists' that 'the melodic framework itself. 'Playtime', 'MGH' and 'Long Piece' will require more openness and patience in their experimental nature: the first is a computer-programmed adaptation, the second arid duo bass / percussion improvised and the last one collage of instrumental loops, various conversations and ramblings of a sax and a harmonium. course, it would be illusory to summarize forty-five years career in such a short title and interest is mainly due to the scarcity from those presented here. But the album is not directed exclusively compulsive collectors and will interest all lovers of sensitive jazz-rock instrumentalists wanderings emeritus.

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