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Product: Atkins May Project - Empire of Destruction
Date: 2014-11-05 

Empire of Destruction

Atkins May Project / Empire Of Destruction 

Playing time: 58:03 
Format: CD 
Label: Gonzo Multimedia, 2014 
Style: Heavy Metal
Review on 03/11/2014 Jochen v. Arnim

No, I am not going to the history of Judas Priest unravel one more time and explain who Al Atkins is and in what context it is consistent with the heavy metal gods. If you feel this regard need for explanation, I refer to the relevant literature on the net and elsewhere (previous meetings of my very esteemed colleague Ilka and Marius would also provide remedy). 
As the name of the project implies, these are mainly around the two old companions Al Atkins and Paul May , who want to get again deserves to be published. With "Empire Of Destruction" sets the duo's third long-iron before - on the support of other musicians is omitted as before. The two men have on the of May packed disc produced ten songs with a total playing time of around an hour and missed as a special feature the first 1000 copies with a bonus DVD. 
Almost across the board gets the gentle listener and good classic heavy metal offered the course, especially the guitar work by Mays distinguished and the singing of the other protagonists. This statement includes simultaneously a critique, with which also the chief Ilka (so) the time came for their review already around the corner: There is no real drummer. Too bad, because that would have the album very well done. 
But otherwise stomp the tracks out of the speakers, inaugurating with "World At War", which makes directly clear that Atkins is not long for the scrap heap. Applied in traditional hard rock / heavy metal style, the piece from the first minute makes to real fun. Outdone it is then but directly from "The Midas Touch", the fierce clubbing pushes into the ear canals and incessantly pushing forward. 
In third place then follows one of two smaller outliers, for "Here Comes The Rain" introduces itself much more melodic, in some places almost playful. There are acoustic guitar parts and the bleak-tough pitching missing something. With well over nine minutes, it is also by far the longest track on the album.Following the duo turns again to the traditional metal skin and a few more firecrackers out. As with all tracks, is white May impressively to set the scene, the riffs plays just as convincing as the nimble solos. 
With "RU Ready", the project tries on an old song, the one of Thin Lizzy knows and the fans in 1977 on their "Live And Dangerous" has pleased. Atkins and May make it a thoroughly successful cover version, the later the second more playful outliers follows: "Whisper To The Wind" offers itself as the title might suggest it. Shallow and somewhat dreamy it is because Atkins is here once more clear and without oppressive raspy voice and the guitar is initially behave more melodic. 
The bonus track, "End Of The Earth", does not come next to "RU Ready" only from the spring Mays , but comes from Rodney Matthews , who has created this piece for an even appearing to video.Nevertheless stomps this bouncer in a row with the tracks of our duo here. 
And who can be among the first thousand buyers who can still appreciate a little further Bonus: There is a DVD with a few music videos as well as interviews with Atkins, May and the artist of the cover (including Avantasia , Magnum , ROXXCALIBUR ), the already mentioned Rodney Matthews . 
Overall, the album specially the friend classic Heavy Metals prepares determined a lot of joy, the songs are catchy, the two 'outlier' provide an additional touch of variety and the criticism we have already spoken - is determined not in the back collecting dust on the shelf! 
Al Atkins (vocals), 
Paul May (guitar) 
Sarah Prothero (vocals - # 10) 
01: World At War 
02: The Midas Touch 
03: Here Come The Rain 
04: The Darkness Within 
05: Reckless Child 
06: Paranoia 
07: RU Ready 
08: Dog Eat Dog 
09: Whisper To The Wind 
10: End Of The Earth ( bonus track) Bonus DVD (music videos, interviews) [first 1000 copies only] 

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