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Product: Atkins May Project - Empire of Destruction
Date: 2014-10-27 

Empire of Destruction

ATKINS MAY PROJECT - Empire Of Destruction (CD + DVD)/ Published on 24-10-2014 /

At 67, Al Atkins back on the pulpit of the preacher to plead the cause of Heavy Metal. The one who was the speaker of Judas Priest between 1969 and 1973 (NDR : before ordination of Father Halford) returns to center stage to introduce ourselves "Empire Of Destruction" , the latest addition to this Atkins May Project that shares with Christian guitarist Paul May . Nothing has changed since the release of the previous installment ( "Valley Of Shadows " ). Since two years ago, Atkins and May are alone at the controls. The first handles the vocals, the second string and production. The booklet is still no mention of drummer and you have probably inferred that the duo uses a machine to mark the rhythm of his compositions. If the style of the latter is still relatively close to the Classic Heavy Rock, pre-NWOBHM that played Judas Priest sometime in the seventies, it is however possible to say that "Empire Of Destruction"sounds like an album of traditional Priest. The husky timbre and deep Atkins is probably the main reason for this state of affairs. As skillfully emphasizes the writer of the bio provided by Gonzo Multimedia label  : 'it seems that it touts every morning with a decoction of razor blades. We can not accuse Paul May have modeled its parts 'solo' in terms of Tipton and Downing as his style is closer to that of 'shredders' eighties as famous 'twin guitar' gang of Birmingham . May, remember, is a well-known studio shark middle 'Christian Rock' which to put his guitar lines on a good fifty albums by international artists. Everyone will appreciate "Empire Of Destruction" on its own terms. Younger will find it dated and tired and forget it quickly. Nostalgic, including us, will greet the return of this historical figure of the metal and the authentic side of the Heavy Rock. They will appreciate the warrior spirit of titles such as "World At War" and"The Midas Touch" , they will be moved by the subtle melodies of "Here Comes The Rain" and "Whisper To The Wind" and headbangeront on biting midges that are "The Darkness Within" and "Reckless Child" . They regret, however, that the duo did not appeal to external ear 'to help improve a sound production that often lacks power and finesse. 's wallet, we find sublime, was designed by English artist Rodney Matthewswhose works illustrate many classic Rock and Metal, for example, the "On A Story Teller's Night" from Magnum , the "Aqua" of Asia , the "Crazy Nights" for Tygers Of Pan Tang or the "Time Tells No Lies" the Praying Mantis . offered bonus DVD is nice but nothing special. We discover some video clips made ​​with a budget and a nice interview of the two protagonists of the case. "Empire Of Destruction" is neither better nor worse than its predecessor and that's probably where the low hurts. We shared the immense respect we feel for Al Atkins and unpleasant than the plate, and full of great compositions, would have been more enjoyable if it had benefited from better production sensation. album (58'01 )  :
World At War (5'37)
The Midas Touch (4'26)
Here Comes The Rain (9'07)
The Darkness Within (4'37)
Reckless Child (5'14)
Paranoia (5'01)
RU Ready (2'34)
Dog Eat Dog (4'40)
Whisper To The Wind (12'44)
End Of The Earth (bonus track) (3'57)
On the DVD  : 
Video Clips
Welcome To The Nightmare
The shallowing (Unplugged)
The Darkness Within (4'37)
Enslaved To Love (3'57)
Interviews Paul May and Al Atkins. 
Group  :
Al Atkins  : Chant
Paul May  : Guitars
Michael Serry

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