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Product: Joey Molland - Demos Old And New
Date: 2014-09-30 

Demos Old And New


Joey Molland / Demos Old And New
Demos Old And New Playing time: 55:48
Format: CD
Label: Gonzo Multimedia, 2014
Style: Pop Rock

Review on 12/09/2014 Wolfgang Giese

After reurn To Memphis now another release of old recordings of the ex Badfingers , Joey Molland .This demo recordings are submitted, created - note the indications of the song titles - in the period from 1972 to 1995. Accordingly, also make the difference in sound, in art and in songwriting.
Some songs have been played just about simple rhythms simple drum machines, other completely solo and pure, and others with full band. Regardless of how to present the individual pieces, they basically show the ability of the musician to write good songs. Times it rocks with a certain punk attitude ("I Said It's Alright '92"), then it sounds like dry rockendem Pub Rock ("Borderline '84") and also a small hint of the status quo is not missing ("Birdsong '92 ").
Some songs sound very unfinished, such as the tracks four and five. "Miss Misunderstood '72" is very simply structured, accompanied only by acoustic and recalls regarding the composition strongly to Paul McCartney . Other radiate precisely because of the reduced form, such as the very successful in my opinion, accompanied only by the guitar "Moonlight". Again a little ' Beatlesque'sounds "Is not That A Dream '95" - more precisely, by George Harrison . "It's True '88" bears traces of the British musician colleagues Bryn Haworth , making it possible to detect many different influences as well as associations.
"Sometimes" is likely some fans even in the version on the 1971 album by Badfinger be known, "Straight Up" it said. It would be nice with some titles if you could enjoy them again as completely worked-out pieces.
What remains is a record that should inspire mainly fans because wide spread good for the compilation unfortunately certainly not even as an appetizer for the music Joey Mollands .
Joey Molland (vocals, guitars, all instruments - # 4,6,8,10-15,17)
Eric Bretl (drums - # 1.3)
Gregg Eidem (bass - # 1.3)
Brad Shultz ( drums - # 2.5)
Al Wadtke (bass - # 2.5)
Randy Anderson (guitar - # 2,5,7,9)
Joe Savage (harmonica - # 2)
Bob Millea (drums - # 7.9)
Tom Lecher (bass - # 7.9)
Harry powder (keyboards - # 7.9)
Bobby Dean Wickland (drums - # 16)
Larry Lee (bass, vocals - # 16)
Joe Tansin (guitar, vocals - # 16)
01: I Said It's Alright '92
02: Borderline '84
03: Birdsong '92
04: Cadillac Blues '88
05: Can not Stop '84
06: Clouds Of Love '80
07: Is not That A Dream '95
08 : It's True '88
09: Mirrors '95
10: Miss Misunderstood '72
11: Moonlight
12: Panning Gold '82
13: Sometimes
14: Walkin 'The Floor '83
15: What You're Doin '73
16: When '80
17: Miss Misunderstood '72

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